How do I data scrape mutiple tables inside a loop


Just wanted to ask a question. I want to know how I can extract multiple data tables at once and put them all inside a loop that then goes to an excel file. I am getting Insurance terms for some work and have so far done letter’s A & B via the data scrapping —> Write Range activities.

Below I have attached the workflow I have been working on.

Here’s the website I am trying to scrape the data from.

I just want to be able to create a loop that will gather all the words and their meanings from A - Z in one loop. Any guidance on how I can do this would be great.

Thank you!


You can get all the words and their definitions in one go, no need to loop. Here’s an example that puts the words in one column of a spreadsheet and the definitions of the words in the next column: Main.xaml (12.4 KB)

During Data Scraping, first select only the words (one word from letter A, one word from letter Z), then click on the Extract Correlated Data button and then select the definitions (one from A, one from Z). I hope I understood correctly what you are looking for.