How do I create custom Activity which has looks similar to Build DataTable where user can add multiple rows (multiple instances) but columns would be certain arguments to a method

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How do I create custom Activity Like Build DataTable with difference where user can add multiple rows by clicking on plus sign but columns are fixed.

Please share some sample code for reference.


Hello @devashish1989,

When an activity exits which allows you to add any number of columns & rows, looking for an activity with fixed number of columns seems redundant. Also, adding rows is usually done dynamically. What’s the use case ?


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I am not Trying to Build “Build DataTable Activity” but want to build custom activity similar to that but for some other purpose where columns would be arguments for that method and rows would be different instances.

Activities are all WPF-based. We don’t have code to share, but I’d recommend the Pluralsight WPF course or a controls library like Actipro.


Thank you so much for your help as always!!

Special Thanks for: Can we have list as dropdown in custom activity rather than enum? - #4 by DeanMauro

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