How do I create a robot to notify when there is a value of 0?

how do i create a robot that reads off different excel spreadsheets and can notify the user that there is a value of 0?

Hello @chickennuggets ,

Did you started the flow already? Do you get an error?

As an idea:

  1. Get all excel files from the folder, in an array variable.
  2. For each file, and inside that activity:
  3. Read Range and create the datatable.
    4.1 You can use For each row, and search for 0
    4.2 Use a sort of a LINQ function.
    4.3 Or you can filter the datatable
    If any of above return what you want, than send an email.


If you can provide more details, or a sample of the excel file, we might give more accurate information.

example.xlsx (10.0 KB)
here is an example of the excel sheet. how do i make my robot be able to notify the user that there is a zero value for the laptops using a message box? thank you!