How do I create a custom Monitor Events trigger?

I would like to create my own custom trigger for the Monitor Events container. It should look something like this:
The activity would be created using the library tools, where you can take several processes and compile them into a dependency for other projects.
What do trigger activities have that allows them to trigger a Monitor Events? Is it as simple as having it output a true boolean value? Or is it something more complicated?

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There are already five types of user events that has been given. If I understand correctly you want to build your own custom trigger that will start/trigger a workflow in your event handler container…

May I ask as to what your custom activity be and required to do. I am guessing this is for Attended automation so what other feature do you require?

Keeping aside the question, what I can suggest is, for the events to be monitored a windows service has to be running in the background (if I am not wrong) and it has to house the commands to be sent and should have a custom event handler/workflow invoking mechanism (either from API call to orchestrator to schedule/start job or command line)

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I wanted to create a trigger that would loop thorugh the lastest text message in a web application, and only trigger if the lastest message was different from the previous one. (in other words if a new message was received.
This doesn’t technically require a trigger but I wanted to create a library of custom activities that worked with the web aplication just like regular activities work with regular applications.


For the case you have mentioned above I don’t think a custom trigger is required, also will be a complex solution (more if it is time sensitive project)

A workaround would be schedule the bot in mean time intervals of the incoming messages and check/compare the text with the previous one.

I am not sure as to what you mean by creating a library of custom activities for that web application (just for that particular application anticipating further use??) but Uipath’s UiAutomation is all about accessing elements and carrying out activities on a User Interface.

is there something specific you are looking for?

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I recently found out that if you start a project as a library, you can export said project as a dependency that can be installed on another project.

So instead of using the Invoke Workflow activity, you would now have actual activities for each process within the library, that can be installed and used in any project and updated globally.

This is useful in my case because I know I’ll be working a lot with an web application, so having custom activities can help organize and simplify my workflows.

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Hi there,

Good point.

but the issue here is the web application. If you publish your Main project and that nupkg can also be used as custom activity (download nupkg explorer from GitHUB)

If the UiElements change in the web application you will have to go back repeatedly and make those code corrections, which is pretty time consuming.

But, yeah if they are static and are not subject to change then thats really good to have.

Wish you the best with the project :slight_smile: