How do I convert this type of error in the format, to be able to do operations

I understand that it could be done with a macro, but the issue is that I extract this data from a pdf with UIpath, I have used read range and write range from (System-file-workbook), but I get that “error” with a flag green.

I tried to do it with read range and write range of “Excel Application Scope” (app integration-excel-range), in this case I get the numbers without the green flag, but only in a small test.

In the flow that I have already built, I get many errors, in “add rat row”, “read range”, “write range”. I tried to correct those errors I looked for information but I did not find a solution.

Anyone know a solution without using “Excel Application Scope”

Hi @Hernan_Lezama,

Have you tried to convert the data from string to Decimal before writing that in the file?