How do i convert datatable value to datetime format and filter via filter wizard

Hi All,

I just wanna check out i have an excel which was in the follow screenshot, i tried to convert it to date time and filtered via filter wizard activities


I have tried to convert it to date time but encounter the following error



Lastly if converted successfully i want to filter it to previous month Data only

hence i did this

however it does not filter correctly will someone be able to guide me on this

Thanks alot for the help

@beyondx Use Convert.ToDateTime(row.Item(“Transaction Date Time”).ToString,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo(“hi-IN”).DateTimeFormat).ToString(“MM”) and your filter will be the same as you had done

Hi Arpit, I have tried the above but still encounter this the format in excel is correct also no spaces in between


in your case it is recommended to take out some date values and test the parsing seperate to get it more clear.

In your samples you have dates like: 2/6/2020. For this the format is d/M/yyyy. In the hover over the validation issue we do see that you are parsing with dd/MM/yyyy.

So at this point start to do some analysis and error fixing

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