How do I click on the View EOB link for the Paid (Bill Status) dynamically? I have the data table extracted


Use Click activity and click on two different viewEOB and then check selector. I guess there should be some index attribute something will be there to identify each link. Based on that you have to click.

@Sailee_Gokhale Use extract data table and extract EOB image column with url than iterate

webctrl id=‘Gb0uSQYHrxXOG4EbWYROuw==’ tag=‘A’ /> ----> element 1
"webctrl id=‘yF0U/x56D5nI8mbOiCyomg==’ tag=‘A’ /> --------> element 2

checked the element using inspect element as well…not sure how to proceed.

@indra and @lakshman
Thanks a lot.!!!

Solved. using the UI Explorer.



Great. Good to hear this :slight_smile:

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