How Do I click on search in assignment 1 (calculate client security hash) For every page

Can any one help me out this assignment 1 .

how do I write logic for the
if ID=WI5 and status=open then click on search , get client details.

guide me

Use navigate to instead and pas WID in URL


Thanks for reply

But It is showing error

what WID have you used in the last?

hi @PrankurJoshi

Not yet used this , this is my first to start the process.
I read the assignment pdf , then I got stuck at this point .

Hey, first of all, you should fetch the WIID of those clients for which Type=“WI5” and Status=" open". After that use Navigate to open the client detail page and then you can get the client details.Use “System1_URL+“work-items/”+WIID.ToString” in Navigate to Activity.