How do I clear a process from Assistant when the job cannot be found?

Occasionally, I don’t know why, a job in Robot shows it is running.
After confirming the prompt to stop the job, I receive the UiPathRobotError shown in the image below.

How can I cancel this running job (it is not really executing) (without rebooting computer, which does eliminate the issue)?


Hello @grosner

Can you check whether that job is triggered in the orchestrator? Maybe some time based trigger.

Job was run locally on computer.

If its not scheduled in orchestrator, how its executing. Did you created any scheduled in windows scheduler with robot?

If not, can you try disconnecting form the orchestrator and check whether stop is still executing.

If you’re running attended via Assistant it’ll still show up as a Job in Orchestrator.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan and @postwick:
I do not believe I am using Orchestrator and so nothing is there to see.

Additional Information:
This process was launched from UiRobot.exe (and other processes I launch this way also get “stuck” in the Assistant.)

UiRobot.exe execute --process GetForecast

I guess a clarification to my question is:
How do I clear a job from Assistant when the job cannot be found?

Should I be terminating the UiPath.Assistant.exe (32-bit) processes? Should this be reported as a bug? I prefer not to reboot computer.

You have Orchestrator but aren’t using it. This makes no sense to me. You’re making more work and causing these problems by not using Orchestrator and Assistant in conjunction the way they’re designed.

@postwick Please know that I am only following the procedures provided to me in elsewhere in this forum. They typically work fine.

While I appreciate your response I didn’t see how it addresses any part of my question. Am it missing anything?

I assume that because you aren’t starting the job via Orchestrator nor Assistant, neither sees that it exists.

I am noticing that this issue also occurs during debugging a workflow from studio. Certain exceptions cause the workflow to end but Assistant shows the job is still running.

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