How do I build an app which scrapes data of a website in the background and shows the scraped data back to the user in the same web app/chrome extension?

So I want to build a web app/chrome extension, which is potentially a client app-API, so the desired process is like this

  • user is requesting for a data of some random website(whose scraping we intent to perform)
  • scraping is performed in the background with the help of any scraping libraries or platforms like scraperAPI
  • expected data is scraped and showed to the user on the web app/extension immediately

So let suppose I want to build a technology profiling/intelligence tool which is basically an extension which taking current website URL as input then passing this URL to an API which will go to the builtwith .com then get the data and at last show it to the user on the app/extension.(at this moment you could ask me, why don’t I use APIs provided by wappalyzer/buitwith, etc itself from them but this is purely educational experiment where I want to try out this)

I hope use case is understood so far, let me now share some resources I found across the internet while trying to do this task:

So I want to know how would I achieve this specifically, any code snippet/article/tutorial is highly appreciated.(preferable languages are javascript/python)

Thank you :slight_smile: