How do i attach an image to the email?

I created a recording, took a screenshot and saved the screenshot with a variable. How do I change the image to an argument so that i am able to email the image to myself.

Once you have taken the screenshot and have an image variable. You can use "save Image " activity to save the image as .jpg. The filepath of this saved image can be added to send mail activity as an argument.

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Can you show me how i can achieve this?

sc.xaml (5.7 KB)


Thank you, this helped a lot!

Hey Sourav_Anand do u know of a naming convention for the images i can use such that when I run the program it will not have the same name?

for every run once you send the attachment after that you can delete the image.
But if you want to store all the images, you can name the images as per current time stamp which will be unique.

How do i name the images as the current time stamp?