How do I add textbox into Type Into Fucntion in UiPath

Hi , I need advised on how to add “in_Hash” into Type Into Function as Shown in the Image below

But the error did not disappear when I click. But when i Clicked in the Type into function . The in_Hash suddenly disappear. I need advised how to solved this


Thank you for the help

Can you try in_Hash.ToString? If it’s not a variable, and you need to put a constant value, use double quotes ("")! I see that you have written “in Hash” instead of “in_Hash”. Can you correct it pls?

Hi , the text is already in in_Hash . Is just the textbot not showing the symbol (_)

I have also try in_Hash.ToString and the double quotes. It seem the Type into function is not detecting the in_Hash arguments

Has the argument been passed properly? Also, can you try hardcoding one value to see if it gets typed? Please try with simulate type. Please refer to this link for more suggestions: Unable to type secure hash code into comments field for Assignment 1

Hi ,
Apparently , there is an added step. Instead of just typing the in_Hash into the Textbox like other function . We need to click on “+” beside the textbox and press add in order for the function to be put in.