So, I am trying to extract a table from an xlsx document and then I am converting that datatable into a CSV file using Write CSV Activity, but the generated CSV File does not contain quotations which I need.
Any Suggestions on How it could be possible to add quotations in my CSV file?

Hi @shikumar

When you are reading data to data table from xlsx make sure you check Preserve Format option in the properties panel. Below workflow for reference

Capture1 (8.8 KB)

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Thank you @ushu for the suggestion but for me the options are like this.


I guess you used classic version read range.

Is there any solution for adding quotations in CSV file using Excel read range or maybe any other way?

Set Read formatting option as Default and see how that goes. Check the below code. (9.1 KB)

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Actually, I have tried it but it seems the file you gave as input has quotations in it already but in my xlsx file there are no quotations, So i need a solution for that to add quotations after extracting it as csv.

Hi @shikumar ,

Could you provide us with an example input data and the Expected Output data, so that we can confirm on where exactly we would need to add the quotations.

Screenshots of the Input and Expected Output should also be fine for us to have a confirmation.

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I have got the desired output now.
Anyway, I appreciate all who took time to help me.

@shikumar ,

Great work!

If you could provide the Method that you have used to get the output, it would be helpful for us as well as others who are facing the same issues/task to be performed.

You could then close the topic by marking your post as the Solution.

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So, What I was trying to do is converting my xlsx file to csv file maintaing the quotations but I was not getting quotations in my output file.
I think UiPath was automatically adding quotes to the values but its somehow not visible or maybe there was some encoding role there.
For that i just unchecked this option under properties of write csv file and created a loop to add quotes.
Just uncheck the “Should Quote” option just like below:

For reference I have attached the sample process below.
Thank you, Hope it helps. Cheers!! (33.3 KB)

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