How do i add new columns with data into an existing datatable?

i have my final output as this

but i was expecting the new columns with the data to be added in between Sample Code column and the DUTCH column, like this

How do is specify it to be in between those columns that i want to add in new data?


just mention it in writerange,if have any further detail let me know …

i meant how do i insert this new datatable of values into an existing datatable between specific columns

as you need to add the new column am i right?
add build datatable (mention what are all the column you have to insert)
add assign activity for those columns which you need to add
then finally writerange

i need to add each column in my new datatable into the existing datable between specific columns

@Martin_Pan, you can use add data column or write range activity of excel. To add column at specific location, you can refer below link-



try with this as add data column activity as @ vikaskulhari said


can i have a set number of columns together infront rather than just 1 column at a time?

You can set one bye one or loop through it.

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