How do I add columns to the right? using add data columns or any other activities

Hi, I am pretty new to uipath and I split string the cell in excel but I do not know how to add the array into the data table where the splited array enter each of the column caller, middleman, receiver. The wanted sheet result will be like this image and just a question if we manage to put the array in caller, middleman, receiver, the row on top of leo will not be name anymore and will be caller instead?

Can you please elaborate or provide sample workflow/screenshots
You can try with Build data table with your required columns activity and add data row

Hello, this is my build data table image .

I have tried adding data row but it goes downwards image and not to the right.

Hi leonard ,

Use this
dt_Input.Rows(0)(Count) = arr(Count1)
where count = 1 and count1 = 0
and increment them like count = count + 1 .

Hope it helps

Thanks and regards
Sahil Garg

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Hi Sahil Garg,

Sorry but can you provide a visual as I do not understand. Is it like this? image The dt_input is it in add data row? and where did the arr come from? Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi ,

Sorry for late reply ,

Please find the xaml file .
Main.xaml (9.5 KB)

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No problems, yep it works now that the names are going to the right side. Thanks a lot for the help!

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