How did your "First Run Experience" with UiPath look like?

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Today we would like to ask you about something that constantly occupies our mind:

How did your “First Run Experience” with UiPath look like?

No matter if you are already an experienced user of UiPath products or you are just at the beginning of your RPA journey. We would like to learn what made you became our user and how your first steps with UiPath products looked like.

Why such question? - you may ask.

As we mentioned many times before: we are listening. We don’t want to stay in the same place. We want to constantly evolve and make things easier, better and more aligned with your needs.

Telling us your story will allow us to understand your point of view and will help us in future projects.

Let’s go! :boom:


I received a job offer for a “new project” in my city, my current job wanted to implement RPA for the first time and they wanted me to learn the art to implement it.
My boss gave me the task ahead giving me options to learn and the first thing was to see the logo and name of the 3 options that my boss wanted to review.
I chose UiPath because I liked the simplicity of its logo, later I tried the academy directly.
My first hello world, the net was like this: “this is the easiest thing I have programmed, compared to front and back end jobs)” …
I felt it very easy, comfortable and friendly for new users (for this it was version 17 of the Studio).
As I learned to master the tool, I understood that the magic of RPA is not in programming, it is in perfecting the art of process analysis and modeling.

There are still small details in the tool, but it is the best compared to others that I have already tried.


When I ran my first UiPath project, it was exhilarating. Watching the robot fly through screen to screen fluently and swiftly, as if controlled by an invisible hand, it was magic.

As time goes though, I did realize that UiPath has its limitations and can be brittle.


I started my journey with UiPath back in 2017 and it already feels like a long time now because of how far UiPath has come - as a product suite and as a company. Before I started with UiPath Studio and my Academy training, I had already worked on the other two leading RPA providers at the time (we all know them :slight_smile: ) I couldn’t believe that they were not available to developers outside an enterprise license model. In such early stages of any technology, it’s the power of the people that enables serious advancement.

But, when I eventually found out about UiPath Academy and the Community Edition, the very familiar Open Source-like ideology resonated with me instantly! I remember saying to my colleagues that this is my place to be.
UiPath Academy, Studio with Community Edition and later on, finding out Daniel Dines’ inspiration behind always keeping UiPath education free… these things always had the promise to make UiPath what it is today.

Glad to have been a part of this journey and look forward to more amazing things in the future!


Error :sweat_smile:


Could you tell us more about it? I’m curious :wink:

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I think guys (@UiPath-MVP) you could share your stories with us as well :slight_smile:


My first run experience was back in 2017, Academy helped me build my foundation strong. I have a Computer science degree and worked in the past as a .NET Developer, Technical Analyst, and then as a Systems Analyst which helped my smooth transition to become an RPA Developer.

Having the knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts helped me to build robust solutions, provide optimal designs, and knowing how to achieve modularity and abstraction in the code.

My first thought about UiPath Studio was that it is very similar to Visual Studio IDE and built on Windows Workflow Foundation.

When I finished building my first project and ran it through, I felt that it was a very powerful tool, and like I was living in the future. I’ve built automation in my career but all of them worked in the background, but when I visually witnessed the potential to mimic human actions on a computer it was exhilarating! :fireworks:

That’s the moment I felt I wanted to learn more and share it with others. And that’s how my RPA journey using UiPath took off to a great start! :rocket:

Happy Automation!



“First run Experience” … The one I can never forget in my career.

I still remember that incident.

Yah it was a fine evening, three years back. I would say at that time I was practising uipath in my desktop.

I did a small automation on a web application and excel with an outcome of creating charts in excel.

The bot was running and I was lying down on my rolling chair and at times I was rolling and playing while the bot was executing…

My manager, she saw me playing, while the desktop was doing some job automatically…well she didn’t realise that it’s because of UiPath run rather she thought someone is screen sharing and I m not listening to it.

She came to me and said, “ Palani, you cannot do like this, you must listen to screen sharing sessions…I couldn’t control my laugh and I told her it’s a bot doing my work and not any screen sharing…!!! “

She was stunned and started appreciating…!

There started my journey with UiPath. Started learning, implement them and I thought the cycle is complete.

But then I came to forum/community again started learning, shared them with thousands of people. And I felt this circle will never end…still I m learning a lot and trying to share them.

Wherever I go in my career graph I will never forget my first appreciation and that experience with UiPath.

UiPath, I must tell this, your evolution towards rpa and technology is phenomenal. I personally have seen tremendous improvement with the tool.
Keep rocking, we will keep supporting…

And it’s not only because of studio or other tools, what I felt is the way it was made accessible to everyone for free of cost at the very beginning stage itself. Along with that the Training materials and community played a master role…which I felt is the key success…alongside forum and community is amazing as always…kudos to two super cool friends @Pablito and @loginerror



Around June 2018, I was challenged by my company to learn UiPath to cater a new client’s need. With a different ongoing project, I had less than two months to familiarize with it.

The free Community edition Studio tool and the UiPath Academy gave me the boost! The free Foundation course and Advanced course were really valuable to my RPA growth!

I had the first impression that UiPath development will be “drag-and-drop” experience, but I felt inconvenient when I need to drag like the Assign activity first before typing the actual code. I remember, peeking inside xaml with text editors and trying to edit the codes! But indeed, the workflow served as visual aid when I explain to client. And now the Studio experience improved a lot!

Also my familiarity with C++ and Java helped, but DataTable manipulations and LINQs gave me headache. When I get stuck, I desperately turned to the UiPath Forum! The community really helped a lot :heart: Honestly, even before, I refer first to UiPath Forum before going to UiPath documentation portal. Hahaha! I still refer to my bookmarks of the answers from now MVPs Clayton, vvdaiya, aksh1yadav and arivu96.

Ah, I tried to use the provided PDD and SDD documents, but I am an Excel girl!
Good thing my client allowed me to use my own DD template, taking care that elements from PDD and SDD are still considered.

Well, that’s my “Early Experience” with UiPath!
Indeed UiPath came a long way and the Community got bigger!
I love how the UiPath platform keeps on improving and the UiPath Academy content still rocks!

I still feel ecstatic when people realize that RPA could make their work life better! My RPA journey with UiPath had been AWESOME!
Thank you so much UiPath and UiPath community!


I has been using UiPath for various RPA project practices since 2017, during which I have experienced three LTS versions in 2016, 2018, 2019 and also experienced problems with UiPath version upgrades.

Early versions of UiPath only had a limited number of activities. My team members have a programming background, so we solved some implementation problems by coding in shell, javascript, .NET etc.

With more and more activities and features are available in UiPath platform, especially in 2019, I am more focused on learning new knowledge and how to design a more stable and efficient RPA solutions.

I think there will be more surprises in my journey with UiPath, but most important thing is that it changed my thinking about future.


It started when I created a robot for extracting from my browser and I wondered why it didn’t work. I realized I had to install the add-on and even with that I struggled :smiley:


Thank you guys for such great stories. I am always saying that life writes a different scripts and opportunities don’t just happen, we are creating them. I love that we are not always focused on particular path with wishes to achieve the top (what is not wrong by any mean) but sometimes our passion and curiosity makes us step into it and it appears to be the best decision in whole life. And trust me I am no exception here :slight_smile: Thank you all for being part of our community and helping us to grow and build something together!