How create a robot with more than one config.xlsx file

What is a good practice in case, if we use more than one config.xlsx file. In one file I have configuration for production, in other for test in production, in other for test in developer’s machine. If other developer need test for himsefl machine, then they need use other configuration file. In configuration file are e-mail adress, path to files etc. For now, if we need use config file, then we rename it wchitch we need at the time. For exampe if need information from config-DEV.xlsx, then we reneme file name to config.xlsx.

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What u r doing now is fine
Instead of renaming better have it as a separate file itself
Reason being we might sometime forget it or leave it different naming convention and when bot tries to refer it being with different name it might fail

So have different file for different instances
Segregate then in folder level itself so that even filepath becomes unique

When u have multiple files of same functionality then it is important to follow some best practices
ere are some additional tips for using multiple config files:

  • Use a consistent naming convention for your config files. This will make it easier to find the config file you need.
  • Document the contents of each config file. This will help other developers understand what each config file is for and what data it contains.
  • Store your config files in a central location. This will make it easier to manage and update your config files
  • **Back up your config files regularly.**This will ensure that you have a copy of your config files in case something goes wrong.

Hope this helps
Cheers @pikut

Create an Asset where you store the path and filename of the Config file. Use that Asset in your automation. That way you can set the path and filename different for QA vs Prod Orchestrator.

You are very helpfoul.

Writting this, are You meaning, we should these files store outside of remote repository?

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Yeah that works either
That’s why
Or u can keep the different filepaths alone in asset as a text and change the asset name either in config file value or in code directly before testing or publishing


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I’m thinking, this is solve my warries, whitch option is the best for me.

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