How could i seperate the pair "key,value" if i extract Document Understanding Dataset

I extract the data from Document Understanding as “DU_extraction” then i want to get the values and i do that with “DU_extraction.GetSimpleFieldValues(“Invoices.Address”)(0).DerivedValue”
And i get this
““Address Line 1"”,”“Gutbrot-Straße 11"”
““Zip Postal Code””,”“86678"”"

How could i get the both values — i want “Gutbrot-Straße 11 86678”

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Hey @n.Tur

Try this please…

DU_extraction.GetSimpleFieldValues(“Invoices.Address”)(0).DerivedValue.Split({"Address Line 1"},StringSplitOptions.RempveEmptyEntries).Last().Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray).First().Trim(" ,""".ToCharArray

Hope this helps.


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Hi @n.Tur

Pass tha dataset variabl
e into for each loop

And set for each type argument as datatable, Put yourdatasetvariable.Tables in In Tab of for each activity

Put a write range activity inside for each , enter datatable value as item and sheet name as item.Tablename

Where item is iterative variable from for each

The above syntax will write all the values from tables and feilds into separate excel sheets

Hope it solves your issue

Robin s

Thank you :slight_smile: It works perfect !

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Happy Automating ! :innocent:

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