How could I merge 2 values of 2 columns and transfer them to a new column?

Hello, community.
I’d like to merge the column “A” and “D” values to column “E” from merge.xlsx.

The read range should be “A5”.
Input values like this :
Client ID reportado por IDX

MtA 397 petry X004
RtA 398 luana X005
xTA 399 camila X006
XB1 400 test X007
XB2 401 test1 X008
XV3 402 test2 X009
XV4 403 test3 X010
XV5 404 test4 X011

desired output like this in test.xlsx:
Client ID reportado por IDX “New Column”

RtA 398 luana X005 RtAX005
xTA 399 camila X006 xTAX006
XB1 400 test X007 XB1X007
XB2 401 test1 X008 XB2X008
XV3 402 test2 X009 XV3X009
XV4 403 test3 X010 XV4X010
XV5 404 test4 X011 XV5X011

“New column” is like a temporary column but after some steps, I’d like to delete the whole new column with its values, any ideas? Please.

Test1.xlsx (8.6 KB)
merge.xlsx (8.4 KB)

you can use write cell activity to write the formula to the excel and then use auto fill range activity to apply on all rows

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HI @pprin070

Check Out the XAML file


MergeColumn.xaml (9.4 KB)



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Hi @pprin070 ,

Check Below xmal with your merge.xlsx input file.

(From DR In dtTest
Let Col5=DR("Client").tostring+DR("IDX").tostring
Select dtTest.Clone.Rows.Add(DR("Client"),DR("ID"),DR("reportado por"),DR("IDX"),Col5)).CopyToDataTable

ass.xaml (6.4 KB)


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