How could I get very detailed logs about an error in the "Wait for Download" activity?

Good afternoon friends:

I have a problem with the “Wait for Download” activity, it has a bug that occurs from time to time. I will tell you a little about the process, what this process does is download files in txt format, the size of the files is between 15KB and 140MB, approximately 15 files per day are downloaded in a generic name which I have to rename. But on average every two weeks I have the problem that a file does not download, because in some cases when downloading a file, the “Wait for Download” uipath activity allows the flow to continue without the download having finished. The website from which the files are downloaded does not support multi-downloading, but the recursive process is already entering a new provider and wallet (it skips 2 or 3 providers) without being able to download it until the previous download finishes.

What I want is to make the failed process clearer through the logs, I understand that there is a trace function to capture everything that was happening in the process activity by activity. That would help me to support the failure in the “Wait for Download” activity.

I’m not sure how to use trace to have a very detailed log, I also read that “Global Handler” could help me, what do you advise me?