How could I compare the values quantity in this excel file

Hi guys,

I need to compare the data quantity of Hoja1 and Hoja2

C3 from Hoja1 and C6 from Hoja2.

For example:

I’d like the bot to compare all the rows of the columns C3 from Hoja1 and compare the value “1” quantity with C6 from Hoja 2.

there are 9 rows of “1” in Hoja1 and 8 rows of “1” so IT doesn’t match the next value to compare would be “2” and so on IF it matches I’d like the bot ends the process of looking and shows a message “hello”.

The excel file will work for 2 because It has the same quantity so It should stop evaluating in 2.

I’ve uploaded the file with 2 sheets.
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Please, Any idea, thanks.

hi @pprin001
Kindly go through following example it may help you -…
Comparing Numeric Values - (20.6 KB)

mark as solution if it is useful …

Happy automation…!!!

Hi, Thanks for your answer but that’s not the excel file workflow I’m looking for.