How click in multiple link

Hi guys,

how can make click in these link in automatic by each

¿any help ?

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Greetings mchavez_pe,

  1. You can scrape the whole table first to get the title.
  2. For each row of the scraped data table, you can click it by Click activity based on the dynamic selector that you will need to customize.


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You have some example, please ?

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Greeting mchavez_pe,

Try testing with the below. It should work.

Scrape&ClickHyperlink.xaml (17.1 KB)

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Bro, your file is fails


any help?

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Sorry to hear that, my Studio is on version 2019.10.4. If it doesn’t trouble you, can you please update your studio and try download/opening the solution again.

Here is my dependency. You don’t need to download the one you don’t need. You just need to check the version of the dependency if that make sense.

This is the one I think we got difference on:-

  • uipath.system.activities
  • uipath.UIAutomation.activities

Or you can individually update the package by “Manage Packages” on the ribbon bar.


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Hi bro,
i tried change my version of Uipath but i have equals problems


¿ any help ?

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Hi @mchavez_pe,

You can either use data scrapping to get the values first you put a variable in the index of the selector and add 1 using a loop. Here’s a great tuturial made by loginerror.