How can young developers gain job experience?

Hi @Luis_Fernando,

As you are already familiar with UiPath studio / UiPath products, I suggest you to not get stuck in the “Tutorial Hell” or participating in hackathons or challenges. The real world projects are much more complex than them.

The advantage you have is that as a deveoper you can work from any remote location. I would advice you to freelance for a shortwhile so that you are exposed to atleast some relevant realworld RPA applications. Even freelancing may not expose you to the other complex problems, but as your career progresses you will get access to better challenges. In short, be open to trial-by-fire.

When you freelance, the first question you need to ask yourself is why would someone come to you and not use another freelancer? That is where being brutally honest about your skillset and clearing defining your service will help you. In your profile (freelance websites) you have to mention that you understand and can implement number of techniques in UiPath or other RPA tools. A simple portfolio would be enough evidence. A while ago, I had suggested some ideas for PoCs in the forum Need ideas to develop POC - Help / Something Else - UiPath Community Forum. Some of these PoCs can be in your freelance portfolio.

Both Upwork and fiverr allow you to offer your services as a RPA developer. There are other platforms for freelancing as well.

Later, you can leverage this freelance experience to apply to any company. Experience will trump any certification or degree. Or you can continue being your own boss as a freelancer :slight_smile:

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I wish you good luck with your career. This will be tough, but remember, you can do this.

Slow and steady.