How can you separate data in data service for Development, QA and Production environments?

I want to use Data Service, but how do I keep my development database separate from QA and Production data like we do in conventional databases? I saw a Youtube video yesterday hosted by @Vibhor.Shrivastava . It was very educative and I want to use it. But this separation of the databases between DEV, QA and Production environments is critical for me to start using it at our organization.

Hi Surya, You can speak to @sudheern who was the speaker for the session

Speaker details are there on event page as well : See Data Service Integration with UiPath Apps at UiPath Chennai

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Thanks, Vibhor. I can’t wait to hear from @sudheern again after his great presentation the other day.

Hi Surya,

Here you can do in two ways

  1. You can have suppurate Entities with Prefix with Dev/QA…
  2. in the Same Table you have suppurate column will decide the Environment

I think for now this may work. But I am hoping UiPath will make a clearer way to separate the environments, like we do in other PaaS products. @Vibhor.Shrivastava, do you agree?

Rather than keeping separate Entities for different environments, (which is a huge pain during development, deployment and then maintenance) I like the idea of having a column to identify the environment.

I have separate folders and/or servers to separate DEV, QA and Production environments, where I already have an asset “PHASE”. It will have different values depending on the environment. In the code, I will read the Asset Phase and store it in a variable and use that variable to set the Phase column or read the data where Phase column in the entity equals the Current Phase. Once I develop a Reusable component for this, it is now a piece of cake accessing these activities in the individual bots. Thoughts?

@sudheern, I had another question on Dataservices. How can I convert the data in an entity records object to a datatable?

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