How can you improve a selector

As per my knowledge Replacing dynamic attribute values parts with the “*” or “?” wildcards ? I am kind of struggle to get find correct answer. I have been reading material.

Yes “*” is for Zero or More characters and “?” for only one character

for eg : title = “* - Microsoft Excel” - which applies to title =“SnehalPatel - Microsoft Excel” or “- Microsoft Excel”
title =“Calender_?” - which applies to title=“Calender_1” or “Calender_A”

There might be more than one answer. I don’t think ppl are allowed to discuss answers here.

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Hello Snehal,

Please don’t discuss quiz/certification responses on forum, as you can imagine this is not fair at a training exam. If you need help and clarification regarding the training sessions please subscribe to our weekly Q&A Webinar on UiPath Academy -
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I have realize sorry about this.


Snehal Patel

Hi maam,

I am Srinivas from Hyderabad,India. A guy is doing illegal work i.e, charging money and clearing certifications. I know his mail id that which he used in his certification. Please tell me the way to report him and cancel his certification.

Hi @Sai_Srinivas_Muvvala

Please contact our Academy Support here.

To answer the ques of the course, you have to watch the videos properly and read the attached PDF. Once you do this cracking the ques will be easy.

Good luck!!