How can we use Binary Search in Daily Automation?

So I recently became familiar with binary search and really like the concept of it

I am not sure how to use it in day-to-day automation in UIPath (especially for large datatables or lists).


As you said whem data is large we use it.

Like say we have indexof menthod to get the index of particular array item… but index of by code uses a for loop not a binary search so instead of it you can use a binary search using invoke code. But you wont see much difference until the search is on a lakh or close

To see the difference may be try something like this

Say you have an excel and you have to find some specific id related rows and modify them each on different rules but not all the rows.

So normal way you can try using for each row in excel and then loop and find id and then modify each.

Other way dont use for loop… instead try creating your binary aearch logic on this excel and see the difference in time between both


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