How can we upload files for various options in a site

I want to upload files for different options on a website

How can i select one option then upload a file for it and then select another option to upload a file.
Please suggest a solution for it.

Hi @Vineet1

It is a dropdown list so you can write in Excel
Based in Excel you can say row(“column name”).tostring.contains("") so you can select the option and download the file


Keep a mapping list of file extension and station values.
Read the file name that you want to upload.
Retrieve the file extension.
Check mappings to find the station value.
Assign the dynamic selector for station selection in a variable.
Select Station value from the dropdown using the dynamic selector value.
Upload the file.

This idea didn’t worked. Still facing problem

I need to upload files sir by selecting one station at a time then selecting another station and uploading another file.

Hi @Vineet1,

  1. You have to use “Get Attribute Activity” and select “items” on Attribute Property. Then you just have to indicate the dropdown list and do a For Each to get each value.
  2. keep the for loop
  3. Inside it depend on condition upload the file.


@Vineet1 After 1st step and retrieving all file names, Keep other steps in loop.

This seems to be working but not completely. Could you please help me more with it

@Vineet1 What’s the issue you are facing now?