How can we store formulas to a variable


I have one pdf, it contains 3-4 tables approximately. I extracted data from pdf and write that to an excel sheet by sheet based on the table header. The final target is to write all those data to an excel template. In that excel template it contains formulas.
So I’m providing all those formulas inside Add data row.
eg: 1) C= “=A”+cell.Tostring+“*B”+cell.Tostring,
2) D= “=B”+cell.Tostring + “=C”+cell.ToString
In add data row { “=A”+cell.Tostring+“*B”+cell.Tostring, “=B”+cell.Tostring + “=C”+cell.ToString}
So while writting to excel I’m getting proper value.

But if I’m assigning that formula to a variable ,in message box I’m getting formula only instead of value.
eg: data= “=A”+cell.Tostring+“*B”+cell.Tostring,
message box:

I have passed the same formula to sql query I have to enter that value to database then also formulas are getting in the table.
Can any one help me to fix this issue.

Hi @Chippy_Kolot

Can you show the screenshot of the activities how you are trying to pass it