How can we read invoice number, Person Name, Amount, Address, Order Details from the PDF of Amazon Invoice

Hi All,

I have multiple PDF file and i want to extract the necessary details from that PDF. I tried ReadPDFWithOCR activity but it give me all the text of that file and i am not able to find some specific fields values from the extracted string of file

Can you please let me know how i can do this.

can you please upload the sample copy of the pdf

.Please find attached simple code of - Order 408-6383724-5553908.pdf (98.6 KB)

Hi @Ritesh123

Try to extract data using Digitize Document activity. Then after some string manipulation you can get the required results.

what are the details that need to be extracted?

These field i have to extract.
Items Ordered, Price, Delivery Address:Delivery Option:, Billing Address:

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Hi (115.5 KB)

Try This XAML.
Hope that solves your problem.

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Hi @ashley11

Thanks for the update but i do not want to use Regular Expression.
Is there any other way of doing this for multiple PDF?