How can we Match two variable value in webpages and click on it

hello I have a problem.
ex:- AUG 25,2021 james doctor its the nots for us progress John Smith Alyssa AUG 25, 2021 John Smith Alyssa.

I have multiple value in webpage how can we Click if AUG 25, 2021 and John value matches.

Hi @naim1000 !

Let’s say that you use Get Text to get this sentence, and you have it as a string (let’s call the variable my_sentence).

Use IF acitivy:
IF my_sentence.Contains("AUG 25, 2021") and my_sentence.Contains("John")
THEN (here you use Click activity)


we need to scroll down the the web page also for fount that

To scroll down, you could use Attach window (or attach browser), then inside put a send hotkey with the parameter pgdn:

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