How can we increase the efficiency

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can we use some other activity instead of click button to increase the efficiency of the automation

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Hi @Vanishree_Matta,

Yea, if possible you can use Send Hotkey activity for betterment of your workflow and it will also reduce the issues regarding selectors.

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@Vanishree_Matta Try using Simulate click or send window message properties for improved efficiency.

It really depends on your overall workflow. The first thing I do when I work on efficiency is check all “Type Into” and “Click” activities, especially if there are a few of them one after the other. I almost always use “Send Hotkeys” to do things instead of “Clicks”. Weigh out the benefits of using SimulateClick and Simulatetype with separate hotkey inputs, and doing it together with maybe the default or SendWindowMessage methods. It will always heavily depend on your particular workflow.
You might also want to set some activites Target to WaitForReady.NONE or WaitForReady.INTERACTIVE to speed things up. Some websites have specific elements that take AGES to load but are not really needed for the workflow.