How can we hide the values in between two different range values like 9% and 29%

Hi ,

Can any one please tell me how can i hide values in between two range of values
My reference range is not fixed.

So ideally i wanted to hide the rows for values in between 9 % and 29%


You want to skip the values ?

Can put the simple condition like <9 and >29 if at all you know the range

No i want to hide the rows.
I tried vba scripting with these <9 and >29 auto filter but couldn’t achieve it , as it was doing filtering the values between them and showing the data , but i wanted to not show the values.

Are you trying to format an excel file or something or are you just pulling the data into a DataTable and you want to filter out information where some Row has a value between 9-29% in a specific Column?

No i am not formating any excel , i have a column with values 0-100% , and i wanted to filter out or hide rows based on 2 different cell ranges (which has highest and lowest number of range like 9% 29%).

What do you mean by Hiding ? what you are going to do next after hiding those rows?

I wanted to display other values . i wanted to hide rows between those two range values and show other than that.

Cant we do the below ?

  1. Filter the records based on your criteria
  2. Write those filtered records in new sheet or excel

Hi Karthick,

No i can’t write into other excel sheet.

I wanted to filter it and show there only.