How can we froze the email content sent from SMTP

How can we froze the email content sent from SMTP.
Users whoever are using the emails ,all the body of the email should be frozen.
How can we achieve this?
Appreciate your help!

Appreciate your inputs @Palaniyappan @lakshman @sarathi125


Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

Hi @lakshman,

We have an requirement to send emails to customers,that should be readonly .They are not allowed to be copy or paste from email content.


We don’t have any activity to do like this.

May I know which mail server account are using ? Do you know how to do this manually ?

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HI @lakshman,

I am not really sure how can we do this with manually,but from HTML code seems we can.
Can we implement with HTML code in UIpath?
I am sending emails from SMTP server.


Yes write the body content in HTML and make sure IsBodyHTML option checked.

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Hi @lakshman

I find the below piece of HTML code to disable the Copy/Paste option.

Can you help me to fit this my email content.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This Is To bring To your kind notice that we have received the claim filed By you On ,{0} corresponding To the policy # {1} for {2}.

The status Of your claim Is {3}. The amount payable Is {4}

Please quote your Claim No. {5} For any further conversations Or clarifications.

Thank you for giving Am MetLife opportunity to be your insurance provider.

Appreciate if any one can help on this !