How can we connect UiPath mobile app using domain account

How can we connect UiPath mobile app using domain account?
we are public our Orchestrator web site as (HTTPS)
Currently, we can connect via local account but cannot connect using domain account
Appreciate your support to fix this.

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Hi @Chathura01001
You have to publish your orchestrator url before doing this ,
So you might have to get the support form your network Administrator
Ask him to publish your url first then use your publish url into your orchestrator mobile

Got your point, we have already published our Orchestrator URL as a public and we can access it on mobile using google web browser via internet.
My concerns is-
when we using mobile web browser to connect Orchestrator, it was connected properly with domain credential. but when we using Uipath mobile app with same domain credential it doesn’t connect.

If there any public URL issue, how can work it on mobile web browser.