How can we call upper row based on below row condition in uipath

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I have to call upper row based on the condition that lower row have specific value “Family” if satisfy then upper row should be call.

Please find the below excel and for the same.

Please attach the excel file to understand the requirement bit more clearly.

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Check below for you reference

Get Previous Row Value Reference

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If you’re using For Each Row activity, you can always use the Index Property (store it in some variable) and then if the row is meeting the defined criteria, refer to the previous row using saved index.

I am not able to attached file here.

Below is a example:

  • Row 1 have : Suraj Dubey and * Row2 Have : Family

On basis of family i have to call Suraj Dubey. No header are available in excel sheet.

I am not able to attached file here.

Below is a example:

  • Row 1 have : “Suraj Dubey” and * Row2 Have : “Family”

On basis of “Family” i have to call “Suraj Dubey”.


If there are no headers, then you can call using index of the column

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I tried but that’s not working.

If you don’t mind can you please share me .xaml file for the same…


Can you share the sample input file screenshot

Maybe that will help in understanding your issue


Creating SCHEMA.xaml (13.0 KB)

Attached .xaml file

Hi Srini,

We have to call U1 row value based on U2 row condition.

For example : If U2 row have family then U1 row data should be come in the result.

Example below:

Compliance Information Delivery System Platform1 Delivery System Platform2
Product Family Family

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any one can help me for the same…