How can we bring the Direct Connection terminal window to the front?

Obviously it’s easy with regular windows, but this terminal window is created by UiPath and the Terminal Session Activity. When the automation interacts with a browser, the terminal window gets hidden behind the browser. For screenshot purposes I need to be able to bring it to the front.

Yeah I thought about that. Would prefer to have the browser window also visible, but if that’s not possible then just minimizing the browser would at least be better than what we are getting.

This my not be the ideal solution, but I would maybe try using hotkeys on your desktop - Alt+Esc will cycle through windows and bring then to the front which may help?

you also have Alt+Tab though im not sure how well UiPath will interact with that.

Can you get good selectors for the terminal window itself? if you open up UiExplorer and then get the terminal window open, and spy it, can you then use that to attach or click to bring it to the front?


You ever fight with something so long that you lose all ability to think clearly about it? That’s such a simple solution. I couldn’t figure out how to get the UiPath terminal window to be open AND be able to indicate element from the activity (since to get the terminal window, the automation has to be running).

So here’s how to do it specifically…

  • Create a test XAML and set up a Terminal Session (make sure to set it not to close)
  • Put a Log Message activity after the Terminal Session and set it as a breakbpoint
  • Open Ui Explorer
  • Debug File
  • When it stops on the Log Message activity the terminal window will be open
  • Indicate Element in Ui Explorer and get the selector

This is the resulting selector…

<wnd app='uipath.executor.exe' cls='HwndWrapper*' title='Connection:' />

Obviously I edited out our server name. I’m going to try just wildcarding after “Connection:” since we have more than one mainframe server our automations connect to. But I could also dynamically include the server in the selector.

In modern, this is how to bring it to the front, just paste in the selector…



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