How can we assign a credentials to the Job based on availability?

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We have a situation to solve. We have automated certain applications in our organization which only allows a maximum one login session at a time. For that reason we have created multiple credentials for the BOT to login to the application. However when we run the process in the “Any Machine” we do not have an option to pick up the unused credentials

For eg: Let’s consider an Application ABC, it has two credentials CRED1 and CRED2. We are running it in a pool of Robot machines (BOT1, BOT2, BOT3, BOT4 etc…). When BOT1 is free, orchestrator triggers the JOB in BOT1. But I haven’t mapped the CRED1 to the BOT1 as the Bot can trigger on any machines based on availability. Hence I don’t think I can configure the Credential Per Robot function. In this case, are there any ways to instruct the orchestrator to take the unused credential, regardless of which Bot has started the process?

Has anyone come across a similar situation? Are there any workarounds you can think of?


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You need to create one more Asset of type boolean. If any BOT pick the credentials then you need to set the Asset value to be True. Then check Asset value and if it is True then some BOT consuming credentials else not. At the end of the execution again set the Asset value to False. I hope it will help you.

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Hey Lakshman, Thank you so much for the response. We did think about this solution, either in the assets or in database. However I wanted to know if UiPath has something inbuilt to handle such cases as this might be a little common while automating certain applications. As I haven’t received any other suggestions, I would assume this would be the best option for now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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