How can we add a comment for timeline delays


A major problem we have in our organization is having response delays from process owners after reviewing PDD or SDD etc.(We must have the approvals due to our internal policies).

I was wondering how can I reflect the delay reasons in the Actual & New Estimate section?
I think we must have a comment section in each phase so anyone who sees the delays can understand where it comes from to avoid it in the future.
Any recommendation to reflect the delay reasons in AH?


I recommend leveraging the customization of the assessments to tailor your business case depending on the organization’s needs. Although they do not impact the structure of the Cost-Benefit Analysis, they do enable you to capture the right information, from the right stakeholders, at the right time, and use it in your decision making process.

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Hi Lulia,

I don’t know how to do it.

Hi @Aida_Azar

Does this article help a bit?

The link indicated by Maciej is the right one. Moreover, in the UiPath Academy Course Deep Dive, in the module for Platform Setup, you will find a lesson around customizing the assessment.

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