How can the robot check for blank cells or cells who contain 0 in Excel table?


I have a process where the robot will read from an Excel table and input information into an invoice system.
But if there is a cell in the the table which is blank or contains 0 then the robot should forward an email to notify that some information is missing in the Excel sheet.

So,how do I make the robot check the table for blanks or 0’s ?

I assume I can use Read range and store the table in a DT variable, and then use a function like
if DT.contains… ? But I cant find the proper function or syntax…

There are several Excel files located in the folder where the robot will operate, so if an excel sheet is incomplete the robot will then jump to the next excel file in the folder.


that checks if the column is empty. you can add an “or” the condition to check if zero . row.item(“ColumnName”).ToString() = “0”