How can take app.url on MDM

I am study Mobile Automation about Uipath.
But i don’t understand how searching to app.url on MDM.
Uipath’s Mobile Automaion Guide Youtube vidio’s imformation not enought.

The app url is either:

  • a local path if you have access to the Appium machine, so the path must be reachable by the Appium instance
  • a HTTP/HTTPS public url

An example that you can use to validate your instalation:

App url:
App package: io.cloudgrey.the_app
App activity: .MainActivity

Thank you.
But i don’t understand about source of local path.
How get to local path about app, and how set to about "http"url of app?

This path is in your control. You want to test an app. You have an APK or an IPA file. You can deploy that on some internal HTTP server (or external, depending on your needs) that is reachable from the machine running Appium. Or you can just copy it on the machine running Appium and instead of the url you just write the path (eg. C:\Users\Public\AnExample.apk or if linux something like /home/user/AnExample.apk).

Thank you for kindly Ans. :slight_smile: