How can separate robots handle authentication/verification codes sent to same email?

I have a specific situation that I am going to encounter with the automation I am building.
There are going to be 6 VMs running the automation. Each robot will need to log into 4 different websites. There is a set of credentials for each website that that robots will share to log into each site. So, 6 robots share 4 sets of credentials for 4 websites.

Whenever a robot logs into a website, an authentication code is sent to the email address of the account. (Since the robots are going to be logging into the sites from different IP addresses each time, we can’t get the sites to remember them to stop sending these codes.) The robots need to access this email inbox to read the codes.

My question is, can all 6 robots be given access to this one email address to read the emails to look for the authentication codes? How would that work?

I was told each bot has its own email address, but if there’s one account for the website, I don’t think we can have all 6 email addresses getting the codes.

Sorry if that isn’t clear. Honestly I’m just pretty confused about all this and don’t really understand how all this works in the background, so if anyone has any resources out there to better understand this stuff that would be great.

Hi @Joe.Matuch ,

Best practice is to create generic user account with the email box and we have to use for all the VM’s since all the organizations mostly use SSO and Multi factor authentications. once you have the same generic user for all the VM you can get only one OTP to Generic user email box so that you can handle easily. sharing my thought. thanks.

Thanks, @kirankumar.mahanthi1 . That makes sense to do, to give all of them access to the one account.

I was told each of our bots have their own separate email address associated with them, which confused me. I thought that meant that each bot can only access the inbox for its own email account. In that case, how would each robot access the generic user account? Or how would the email from the generic user account get to the bot’s account?

You see, I’m not understanding something about this at a fundamental level, and I wish there were a tutorial out there or something to try to understand this better.

Hi @Joe.Matuch ,

Each VM should have access to the Generic user and we can create our bots with the Generic User so that all problems will solve. While running un attended automation from orchestrator it is login with the Bot Id to the VM(in this case generic user itself bot ID) and also all the applications which we are accessing in that project should have access to the generic user so that if it is SSO and having MFA we will get the OTP to generic email box. thanks.

It looks like each robot will get its own credentials for the websites, so the verification emails can be sent to the robot’s email, so that makes this easier.

Thanks for your help.

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your welcome @Joe.Matuch

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