How can screen lock enable him to execute the process?

After testing, I found that once the screen is locked, the process will fail. Is there a good solution to this?


Ideally if its attended the intention is to keep the screen unlocked…and it is evident that it would fail if the screen is locked unless it is a back ground automation…

As the bot also needs ui to interact and when locked you would ideally not have any ui


Hi @shenyu

If you are developing the code with Ui element then it will search for the Ui element on the foreground (Desktop screen). when you run the bot, the bot will search for the Ui element on the screen if it was not found, it will throw a error like Ui element not found. In this case, when the screen is locked there is no Ui elements are appear on the screen then bot will throw the error and stops.
If you are developing the code with mail or excel activities there is no interaction with Ui element, In this case the bot will run at the background, if your system is locked the bot will execute the process and success.

Note - Use the background process template to do the Background automation.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @shenyu

In UiPath, the screen lock or locked workstation can prevent the execution of processes or automation when the user’s workstation is locked.

Check out the Background process document for more info

A foreground process is used when your automation project needs to interact with UI elements .


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