How can locate a label that changes its display text very frequently but position remains same and save it in object repository

Hi All,
I am new to UiPath and C# at large and need your help.
I want to locate a label on a desktop application which has its display text changing frequently. I need to identify it by text only as I know what value is going to appear and validate the value.
I have identified it as an object and saved it in object repository. But it is rigid as it is looking for text that got hard coded into it when i first identified it.

I am trying to interact with the desktop application using coded workflow.


indicate the elemnt …use strict selector if feasible and then remove the value or the name from the selector and use other attributes like tablerow,tablecol etc


If I try to edit the descriptor it doesn’t show me any options other than the Computer Vision. I just need that instead depending on that hard coded text, it should be a variable that i can assign a new value at runtime.

However, if I do see that it has lot of configuration options in properties of getText in a workflow.xaml but not a coded workflow.cs (C#).