How can i write all rows which matches my condition to a text file

When i use “write text file” in this example, its writing only last row into text file. But how can i write all rows which matches the condition into a text file. Can someone help me with this?

My (2.2 KB)


Filter your table with the desired condition. The result will be Array of Data Row.

Use Output Data Table Activity - Pass DataTable as arr.CopyToDataTable(). The result will be String Object

Use Write Text File activity and pass the string object to the same.


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Thanks @Madhuraj

I tried with the steps provided by you. When i am converting the Data row of array to string i am facing following error


“CopyToDataTable is not a member of ‘System.Array’”

Here ‘clubMembers’ is a Data Row of Array which i used. Could you please help me to resolve this?

VenkatMain.xaml (5.9 KB)


Try clubMembers.CopyToDataTable

@Venkat07 Instead of write text file activity use append line activity this will work


Hi @ranjith

Tried clubMembers.CopyToDataTable. But didnt worked out.

Please find the attached xaml file for reference

VenkatMain.xaml (6.0 KB)

Perfect @indra
It worked and now i can see all rows in the output file.


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