How can I use uipath on an excel file on microsoft sharepoint?

How can I use an excel file from an sharepoint through excel application scope?

were we able to sync that sharepoint to your local drive with SYNC option

if so then from our local drive we can get the filepath and mention that in EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE
Cheers @Ionut_Frincu

hi @Ionut_Frincu

  1. From the sharepoint Web - You can Navigate to Open with explorer and then pass the path to Excel application scope.

  1. If you want to directly open from sharepoint . Then Use a Click activity and click on the Excel Link. This will directly open the excel . No need of Excel application scope.


Can you please give me an sample on how can I sync? thank you!

@mukeshkala I need to use excel application scope on an sharepoint excel file…


You can try using the UiPath Office 365 Activities Pack: