How can I use UiPATH for Database Administration taks (Mainly ORACLE)

I am a database administrator, performing administration activities. How can I benefit from UiPath for my operational tasks?

An attended bot can make it easier through a series of Input dialogs to create grant permissions and set up user roles without having to write the SQL to do this. Offhand, that’s the first thing I can think of that would be helpful. SQL has functionality to automate itself in many cases, but grant permission requests can be tedious, and UiPath can make it easier to generate the script needed to add permissions.

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Hi, Anhony,
Thanks for the prompt reply. What are the other practical use-cases?

To answer that question, you have to ask what tasks you perform that are repetitive and structured that cannot be easily automated within SQL itself. The other question you have to ask is whether it should/can be automated using a means not requiring the UI.

I know this isn’t a specific answer, but I hope it helps you in finding how UiPath can help you.

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