How can i use REGEX to remove the strings in excel

Hi, Im trying to use Regex to remove the strings in excel. They are supposed to be int but some strings have been included in the data and when i fetch from the orchestrator i get an error.

I assigned Cashin = CInt(Transactionitem.SpecificContent(“CashIn”))

How can i use Regex to eliminate the Strings

Thank you

@Ayodeji_Osikoya Maybe you’re not extracting the data properly. When you extract the CaashIn data, check the data extracted using a Message Box and then you can handle the removal of Non - Numerics after the extraction part.

Also can you share the error that you get?

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here is the error.

@Ayodeji_Osikoya Can you show us from where you are extracting this value?

@Ayodeji_Osikoya, Can you test this with the messagebox activity and see if it works:


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