How can I use Orchestrator web api to delete a queue item

Could you give me an example about how to use web api to delete a queue item?

@Leon, Refer this,

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Dominic :slight_smile:

I used the swagger to test the api of deleting queue item, and sent a request with a correct QueueID and a blank field of IfMatch.
Why I got the error response, isn’t the field of IfMatch optional?

@Leon, Sorry that am unaware of swagger. Can you try this with HTTP Request in UiPath ?

Dominic :slight_smile:

I have no idea on how to use a http request to delete a queue item, only one thing what I can do is taking the uipath swagger platform as a reference to guess the way.
Could you give me more information about how to implement the request?
Please check out My steps as below
1.Get QueueDefinitionID by the name of Queue
2.Get QueueItems in the Queue by the QueueDefinitionID
3. Pick up one of QueueItemIDs and put the number into the field of ID
4. Sent the deleting request

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Credits to: @Bijay_Jha

Swagger IS an HTTP request.