How can I use information from a log file for a loop for each?

I am automating tasks with a software, this software has a log file that I have to wait for a positive or negative answer for the rest of the loop. The problem is that I can’t capture this response. There would be a way to transfer the data from the log file directly into an excel file. I can’t find the logic, if anyone could help me I would be very grateful. Thank you

Hi @Coelho_Smaylle

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Can u show sample log file and resulting excel file u want as output

This is the log file log_01-01-21.log - Google Drive
and this is i want
separated by tab, space and 2 points.xls - Google Drive

Hi @Coelho_Smaylle

I saw ur xls file u need

is it the pattern u need in final?

yes actually I just need the values of the last column