How can I use if condition for perticular browser window?

I’m want to close the browser window of my application if it is already open before I run the automation. How can I do that since, if condition requires only boolean value.

HI @Jalan_Pranav

You can use close application activity to close your browser



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Use Kill Process activity to close the browser window and mention Process name as below.

Chrome - “chrome”
Internet Explorer - “iexplore”
MS Edge - “msedge”

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HIb @Jalan_Pranav

For getting an bool Value.

you can use “Element Exist Activity”

Indicated the appropriate browser → Create an output variable in the properties panel (BoolBrowser)

You can use “IF condition” → BoolBrowser

Then → “Kill Process”

Hope it will help you



This worked. Thank you so much.

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